Artistic director / Dancer - Choreographer

Projects with Lastalaïca: Double prélude à 4 mains (2015) – Odile & Odette (2010-14) – Rita Kraft & Hans Ullrich Schmiegel. Till the end of time. (2013) – Once Upon Time (2011) – R349-178 (2009) – imbibe (2007) – Choreography for a dancer (2007)


Janyce is a swiss based dance maker researching on movement, improvisation and instant composition.

Since 2005, she is developing a wide range of improvisation’s strategies, as well as an unique method to movement research in relation to music and rhythm. Her work explores issues from the fields of anthropology, philosophy, sociology and has been created with the support of various institutions in Switzerland and abroad and her creations were commissioned and presented Europe-wide. In 2009 her piece R349-178 is selected by the prestigious Tanzplan Dresden -founded by Tanzplan Deutschland. In 2010 she is founding Lastalaïca Productions, a company focusing on multidisciplinary body of work and structured improvisation.

Since 2006 Janyce is regularly teaching movement research, improvisation, instant composition and ballet throughout Europe, in several companies, professional centers and academies. She research and collaborates with various dance makers, visual artists and composers and has worked as choreographic assistant, rehearsal director and company teacher. In 2012, she is assisting both Susan Quinn and Robert Swinston in New York, as a part of the Cunningham fellowship program.

Janyce has performed with the Zürcher Ballet, the National Ballet of Cuba, Codarts Co., Daghdha Dance Co., in works of Heinz Spoerli, Richard Wherlock, Jiri Kylian, Nacho Duato, Ed Wubbe, Angelin Preljocaj, Glenn van der Hoff, Neel Verdoorn, Itzik Galili and Michael Klien. She graduated from the ‘Zürcher Hochschule der Künste’ (SBBS) and hold a Bachelor’s degree of performing arts from ‘Codarts Rotterdam’ (Rotterdam Dance Academy). In 2006, she is a participant on the Daghdha Mentoring Programme (DMP) in Dance & Choreography in Ireland.

At last but not least, she is a graduated Herbalist, specialized in european and alpin flora. Her PhD thesis on chronic inflammation will be presented in 2018.


Visual Artist - Graphic designer

Projects with Lastalaïca: Double prélude à 4 mains (2015) – Once Upon Time (2011) – R349-178 (2009) – Festhalten (2007)


Before graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Clermond-Ferrand (FR) and from the School of Visual Communication in Paris, Bruno had practiced judo in the national team and had studied mathematics.

Since 2005, Bruno has been developing his artistic research on the brain’s plasticity by creating his method “Dessin à 2 mains simultanément” (Drawing in 2 hands simultaneously).

He has likewise been elaborating participative protocols of creation in Les clichés or En mémoire de… in order to defend a socially engaged art. He is much involved in the institutional field of schools, businesses and UEMO where he develops happenings dealing with topics such as cultural diversity, people with special needs in the working environment and juvenile delinquency.

Furthermore, Bruno works as freelance graphic designer on projects for councils (Montreuil, Bagnes…) and different collectives (CCEFR, Quinte de Tout…), enterprises (ECS Group, eCainFree…) and agencies (MADatelier, Anatome Paris…).

Last but not least, Bruno collaborates as scenographer with the dance company La Locomotive (Marseille, France) and as performer with Lastalaïca Productions where he has been part of already 4 creations.



Musician - Composer

Project with Lastalaïca: Double prélude à 4 mains (2015)


Frédéric started playing the double bass with 17. Later, he studied classical music at the Conservatoire de Musique de Versailles as well as with Thierry Barbé and Michel Crenne in Paris.

Intrigued by improvisation, he studied improvisation methods with various musicians such as Pierre Michellod, Jaques Vidal, Christophe Walleme, Marc Michel Lebevillon, Chris Jeanning and D. Dipiazza among others.

From 2008 to 2010, Frédéric studied at the « Centre des musiques actuelles et improvisées » founded and directed by Didier Locwood. He takes part in several projects and performs worldwide, together with Bruno Angelini, Katie Roberts, Philippe Lebarellec, Thom Harrell, John Bech, Ichiro Honnoe, Dimitri Naiditch, Orlando Poléo, Angélo Debarre and Louise Vertigo.

Up to today, he has composed music for various movies, short films, musicals and theater plays.

He accompanies numerous workshops of Sarah Lazarus in jazz and singing at the Bill Evans piano académie in Paris.

Artistic projects: la danse du chien, voici offrir deep pulse, argonaft, swing homme, cuartetito, swing maniak, les instants volés… 

Caroline ALLAIRE

Dancer - Choreographer

Project with Lastalaïca: Odile & Odette (2010-14)


Caroline (FR) studied dance in the Conservatoire de Nice, and in the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris.

In 1995 she joined the Ballet de l’Opéra de Nice, for 2 years. Then, in the Ballet de l’Opéra du Rhin for 5 years she danced ballet pieces like Giselle and Swan Lake, and works from choreographers such as George Balanchine, William Forsythe, Maurice Béjart. She participated to creations with Lucinda Child, Michel Kelemenis, Félix Ruckert, Claude Brumachon…

Since 2004 she is a free-lance dancer, and collaborates with Félix Ruckert (Berlin), Louis Ziegler (Strasbourg), l’Association Woo (Lyon), Christian and François Ben-Haïm (Paris), David Brandstätter- Malgven Gerbes (Berlin) l’association KHZ-Vidal Bini (Berlin). She’s also pursuing her research in improvisation with Kirstie Simson.

Stefan BAIER

Dancer - Choreographer

Projects with Lastalaïca: Rita Kraft & Hans Ullrich Schmiegel. Till the end of time. (2013) – Once Upon Time (2011) – R349-178 (2009) – Perso/moi (2008)


Stefan ( D) first studied in literature, linguistics and later dance. He received a bachelor of performing arts from Codarts Rotterdam.

Since 2000, he has been working with different theatres, choreographers and visual artists throughout Europe, among them: the National Theatre of Greece, Charleroi/ Danses/Michele Anne de Mey, William Forsythe, KVS Brussels, Nigel Charnok, Tabea Martin and others.

For the last years, he’s been active in an ongoing research of the perception and integration of the body-mind and its implications on choreography and our notions of reality. Personal experiences from Buddhist meditation as well as alternative medical approaches play a pregnant role in the development of this interest.

Since 2008, he’s also been a regular guest teacher for contemporary dance at different institutions in Europe and engages in small choreographic works of his own 



Projects with Lastalaïca: Once Upon Time (2011) – Festhalten (2007)


Laura ( FR/ UK) studied theatre at the University of Exeter, where she specialized in the practice of kalarippayattu, graduating with a BA ( Hons). She then trained independently in butoh, contemporary dance and improvisation. In 2006/07, she took part in Daghdha Mentoring Programme (DMP) in Dance& Choreography.

Since 2003, she has worked with Saburo Teshigawara, Fran Barbe, Phillip B. Zarrilli, Miranda Pennell, Inez Bosa, Daghdha Dance Company, Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre. Laura has also produced several works of her own and co-founded the artists collective Still House. http://www.lauradannequin.co.uk

Bernhard LOIBNER

Musicien - Composer

Projects with Lastalaïca: Once Upon Time (2011) – R349-178 (2009) – Trilogy (2007-08)


Bernhard Loibner (A) is a composer of electronic music, musician and media artist. His musical compositions are characterized by the use of live electronics and computers as unique instruments based on software he writes himself. This results in complex sonic structures between silence and noise which are typical for his musical aesthetics.

He performes live on a regular basis and composes for contemporary theatre, dance, video, film, radio and audio-visual domain. Ongoing collaborations include the sound/video/voice duo Nerve Theory with US video artist Tom Sherman, as well as live concerts with musicians such as Clementine Gasser, Karlheinz Essl, o.blaat, Peter Szely, Joao Castro Pinto a.o. Commissioned work includes compositions for films by Austrian director Mara Mattuschka, the extravaganza of the French performance collective SUPERAMAS, austrian choreographer Milli Bitterli, and the Austrian National Public radio.

His work has been released on CD and DVD and has been presented in numerous live concerts, performances and screenings all over the world. http://loibner.cc


Light designer - Engineer

Projects with Lastalaïca: Double prélude à 4 mains (2015) – Once Upon Time (2011)


Raphaël (FR) is a visual artist, light designer and scenographer. He studied visual arts in Grenoble before working as a light designer in different European capitals. He has worked with Sylvie Garot before acting as the light and technical director for different artists such as Xavier Le Roy, Antonia Baehr, Olivia Grandville, Eszter Salamon, Simone Autherlony, Kitsou Dubois, Jeremy Wad and others. As video artist and light designer, he’s been collaborating in works of Christophe Huysmans, Artefact Danse, Kathleen Reynolds, Laura De Nercy and Colette Sadler.

He is an active member of the artist collective The Dirty Dozen in Berlin and develops his own work RuinsProduction, in which he explores and reflects political minorities. His video productions have been shown in several festivals and seminars in Europe as well as in the United States.


Sound engineer

Project with Lastalaïca: Double prélude à 4 mains (2015)


Born in The Netherlands, Hans has never actually lived there. In 1992, he moves to Provence (FR) where he devotes himself to his first passion ; motorcycle. There, he studies sound engineering under the direction of Manu Gilo ( 1993 ). Later on, he widens his expertise and trains with Pierre Brifa on engineering medieval music.

He has worked with numerous local bands and acted 8 years and both technician in chief and stage manager at la Gare a Coustellet.

In 2004, he moves to Paris and work as sound engineer for the famous les Cadavres, a mythic french punk rock band. In 2009, he accompanies various artists on their numerous tours and acts in imposing venues such the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille and the Stade de France in Paris. Since, Hans has returned to the Provence. He currently works with several collectives and is touring with les Cadavres.