The one who hears and listens.

Before founding Lastalaïca Productions in 2010, artistic director Janyce Michellod had worked for several years as an independent choreographer and dance maker. Her projects were created with the support of various institutions in Switzerland and abroad and her creations were commissionned and presented Europe-wide.

Lastalaïca Productions is a dance company that is primarily interested in interdisciplinary work. For several years, Lastalaïca Productions has been developing its research on improvisation, instant composition, movement, musicality and performance.


 Inspired by the french philosopher Edgar Morin, Lastalaïca Productions has developed a unique improvisation strategy. This ethical structure allows efficiency and generates interactions of higher complexity.

Lastalaïca Productions explores issues from the fields of anthropology, philosophy, sociology and science. The choreographic work is primarily concerned with the making of a microcosm governed by predefined rules and structures in order to see different art mediums interact and cooperate on stage. The work therefore reflects a system of thought in which each individual develops patterns of specific reflections and special systems of understanding.

For all its projects, Lastalaïca Productions is surrounded by highly qualified international artists in order to work at the highest artistic level and therefore to ensure its artistic and choreographic development.