Once Upon Time questions and challenges the notion of multidisciplinary and the interaction between 4 artistic mediums.

Freedom is always at the same time a reality of limitation. To embrace this restriction is leading to real freedom.


 A live performance revolves usually around a dominant art form. Thus, there is a royal hierarchic interaction, in which the predominant medium determines the specific rules and truths of the performance. Given that, how does one respect the equality of different artistic media in the same time-space? How to create a choreographic structure that allows divers art forms to follow their own rules respectively, while commonly serving the other with an open mind? How to create a space in which each discipline can remain true to their artistic beliefs? And ultimately, how to play on stage with the specific expectations (on the part of the artists as well as the audience) awakened by each medium? Even if all domains share the same temporal and spatial reality, they nevertheless develop at different tempi. Each medium has its own rules, habits and truths. The understanding of each unique approach, their potential, their mutual influence, but also their limitations direct the viewer in a specific and unique way and transport their perception.


In Once Upon Time, the artists are in constant negotiations among themselves in order to respect the needs and wishes of the other. Everyone has to constantly make his own decisions following those of the other participants. Therefore, no one ever manages to achieve their individual goal, since everyone must give freedom and space to others and allow them their realization and development.

Concept and choreography Janyce Michellod
Music Bernhard Loibner
Light design Raphaël Vincent
Visual Art Bruno Michellod
Dance Janyce Michellod, Laura Dannequin, Stefan Baier

Realized with the support of  Canton du Valais, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Loterie Romande, Migros pour-cent culturel, théâtre les Halles (CH).